Sunday, April 25, 2010

More i-Spy

Made some new i-Spy bags today.  My wonderful friend, Joli, wanted to order one for a friends little boy who does NOT like sports.  I haven't really found convenient HUGE variety of buttons so I settled on some car buttons.  Because Jerimiah was SO good while I was looking through ALL the buttons, I got him a special set of buttons too.

Jerimiah's special buttons.  I saw these and thought they were PERFECT!  I had some digital camo material at home so I thought it was time to make a new bag for Jerimiah.  (for some reason one of the buttons is missing from this photo)
Jerimiah calls it his rice bag!

The contents of the car i-Spy
The reverse side of this bag is a light blue.

Cost $10 (smaller in size)
(All prices are subject to change and are negotiable)
PLEASE NOTE: Themes are based on availability of fabric and buttons/small objects.