Friday, December 23, 2011


I wish I had come up with this idea...but regardless I am SO glad THIS site did!  My son (4-years old)'s waist still doesn't fit into 3T pants but length wise he's now in 4Ts.  They don't make belts for boys either...not ones that are easy to get in and out of anyway without complicating potty going situation!  I am SO glad I made some of these today:

Here's one shot of the super simple belt!

See how easy?  D ring on one side, the other side has velcro so the belt can grow a bit with him!

These were SO easy!  I made 4 in like 30 minutes!  The gray & brown one are spoken for for my son...I can't wait for him to get home to try them on...and the red & white one are for a girlfriend of mine's little girl!

If you want one of your own...I almost feel bad charging because they're so easy, cheap, and simple!  But you can call one (or more) yours for just $5 each! (see bottom)


My handsome belt model.  I discovered one "snag" but fixed that problem already on this belt (before I knew it was a problem) and fixed it on the brown belt as well.

Close up.  He loves it too, he's so proud he can do it all by himself!

Nylon Child's Belt

$5 for 1
$4 each for 2+

Also available with 2 D-rings, no velcro
$4 for 1
$3 each for 2+