Friday, December 23, 2011


I wish I had come up with this idea...but regardless I am SO glad THIS site did!  My son (4-years old)'s waist still doesn't fit into 3T pants but length wise he's now in 4Ts.  They don't make belts for boys either...not ones that are easy to get in and out of anyway without complicating potty going situation!  I am SO glad I made some of these today:

Here's one shot of the super simple belt!

See how easy?  D ring on one side, the other side has velcro so the belt can grow a bit with him!

These were SO easy!  I made 4 in like 30 minutes!  The gray & brown one are spoken for for my son...I can't wait for him to get home to try them on...and the red & white one are for a girlfriend of mine's little girl!

If you want one of your own...I almost feel bad charging because they're so easy, cheap, and simple!  But you can call one (or more) yours for just $5 each! (see bottom)


My handsome belt model.  I discovered one "snag" but fixed that problem already on this belt (before I knew it was a problem) and fixed it on the brown belt as well.

Close up.  He loves it too, he's so proud he can do it all by himself!

Nylon Child's Belt

$5 for 1
$4 each for 2+

Also available with 2 D-rings, no velcro
$4 for 1
$3 each for 2+

Friday, October 28, 2011

Switch Witch

Last year we introduced a new "tradition" for Halloween for Jerimiah.  I cannot take credit for this idea, however, I forgot where I found it so I can't give credit where credit is due. the Switch Witch!

The Switch Witch comes the night after Halloween (well, Trick or Treating anyway) and switches out your candy for a toy.  I didn't know if Jerimiah would like this idea so I told him about the Switch Witch and how she comes and takes your candy and leaves you a toy and he was SUPER EXCITED!  I let him graze through his candy all Saturday and then the night before Switch Witch comes he got to pick out just a few of his favorites to save out and then we left his candy out for the Switch Witch.  She left him a note along with a Spiderman Puzzle and a Spiderman Nightlight!

He LOVED IT!  He was SO super excited and because he had picked out just a few of his favorite candies he didn't even miss the rest!

Now the big question...what is the Switch Witch going to do with all this candy!  HAHA, at least it saves Jerimiah from WEEKS of sugar over load!

P.S. Jerimiah's already made requests for what he would like the Switch Witch to bring this year!!!!

Adding Eggs

(June 2010)
I wanted to post a craft for you too I did while Jerimiah was gone that he absolutely LOVES!  I found it on one of my Crafty Mommy Blogs...but I can't remember which one to give credit to, SORRY!  I call them "Adding Eggs"

I used just a half egg carton and saved 6 plastic Easter eggs.
On the outside of all the eggs I wrote a simple equation.

On the inside I wrote the answer and also included decorative marbles to help Jerimiah figure out the answer.

HINDSIGHT NOTE:  I thought it might be helpful to write the answer on the inside.  If I did it again I would NOT do that.  You can see the answer through the egg on the outside...and because Jerimiah knows his numbers he doesn't have to count the marbles most of the time to come up with the answer.

He really loves those adding eggs though...great simple idea (wish I could give credit where credit was due though, sorry...can't remember where I originally found the idea).

Thursday, March 31, 2011

New Skirt

Don't mind ME in this picture, this picture was taken at 4:45AM!  This new skirt I just whipped up. I've been envisioning and planning on making it for quite some time and I finally just did it!  It didn't take long.  I cut it out Tuesday night and last night I sewed it all together.  I used some of my loose gaucho pants as my "template" and just sewed.  The waist band is elastic which could probably be tighter than it currently is but I don't want it too tight because I want it to be comfortable.

I wore it to work today and it was SUPER comfy!  It's a good length too...maybe could even go a little shorter.  Overall though, I'm quite happy with it.  I used some fabric I bought at Wal*Mart a while back on their "$5 Bolt Sale."  I have the same fabric in a baby blue...I might have to make a sister skirt!

Monday, February 28, 2011

ACU Baby Gift Set

I had a dear friend of mine send me fabric and some of her husband's ACU military uniforms to transform into a diaper baby for her upcoming baby girl.  It was quite a project but it was FUN!  I enjoyed ripping apart the uniform WAY TOO MUCH! :-)

Now that Julie has finally received her gift I can blog about it!

After a full day of sewing this is how my bed looked...meaning I would have to finish the project if I wanted any sleep!

Action shot of me sewing the bag together.

Another action shot, thanks to timers.  Deep in concentration.

FINISHED!  The supports in the side helping it stand up didn't end up staying, that's a project I need to work on for later is figuring that out.  It still needed to be "dolled up" a little.  The two front pockets were camouflaged into the rest of the didn't even know there were pockets there did you?

Here's the inside.  There is an inside pocket on the back side.  I used a magnet closure which was fun to do, but a little pricey.

Diaper changing pad (rolled up).  There was a pocket on the outside but I removed that the night before I mailed it...would be nice to have a pocket for diaper cream, etc, but the placement would be right in the baby's back....need to think that one through a little more.

Unrolled changing pad, WITH diaper carry case in it.  Currently holding 2 diapers and a wipe container (for the picture).

Close up of final embellishments.  It's amazing how those little dragon flies and the bows really make the front pockets POP out!

The FINAL product!  I was really happy with how it turned out.  These go online for hundreds of dollars.  This one was made with love for a GREAT friend!  It's got 2 side pockets for bottles, 2 front pockets (with Velcro for "Army Wife" and "Lastname" name tags to stick), 1 inside pocket, and 1 literally hidden pocket on the very back side.

LOVED making it!  If you're interested in someone this elaborate you'll need to see how much I love you first :-)

HAPPY few months before baby-time Julie!

P.S. I am going to be making burp cloths to finish the set...just haven't gotten that far yet and was impatient for Julie to see the bag!  Stay tuned.