Thursday, October 21, 2010

Halloween Costume

I've been working on a Halloween costume for my boy, he's really into Spiderman and I FINALLY finished it!  So, here it is!

The shirt I had some stupidity issues with.  The spider was supposed to be an iron-on BUT I didn't know how to follow directions (ironed it on right side DOWN instead of up) and ended up screwing it up, luckily it was on the black spider so it was an easy fix.  I traced the iron-on with a black clothing sharpie, ripped off the iron-on, and colored it in.  Turned out good though.

Back of the shirt.  Wish the spider didn't have a white boarder and wish it were a little red-er, but it works.

The pants.  I LITERALLY searched EVERYWHERE for a pair of red sweatpants to crop for the bottom webbing with NO LUCK!  NO stores carry red sweatpants.  Some carried red sweatshirts but most carried almost every color BUT red...I was getting a little frustrated and just when I was about to just give up BAM there they were, only ONE pair at Wal*Mart, size 4-T but they work!

Front of the whole ensemble!  I found the Spiderman socks at the Target "Dollar Spot" awhile back and thought they would be perfect to wear with the costume.

Reverse side...only thing missing now is my little guy inside the costume...don't worry, those pictures will come too!  This was probably a little more expensive than a store bought costume but better for several reasons: 1) "it was made with love," 2) it's warm, 3) he can wear it comfortable as PJs if he wants, and 4) once I sew the blue arms and legs onto the red shirt and pants sweatsuit, he'll have TWO outfits instead of just one.

Hope you enjoyed this.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Overnight Tote

My son is in need of an overnight bag (not really but I needed an excuse to make something for him)

 I seriously whipped this up in a matter of an hour...ok, hour and a half.
 I let Jerimiah pick the fabric he wanted, as you can see he picked the train.
The lining was made from an old curtain so it should be really durable.  The straps from the same fabric.  The straps were super easy, I used already hemmed portions and just sewed them in half (sandwich style) and there ya go!

This was a fun and really simple project, always looking for an excuse to make something quick for my to work on the PJs I had promised him awhile ago :-)