Saturday, August 14, 2010

Winged Comforter

I honestly think this is one of my BEST creations!  Jerimiah tosses and turns a LOT in his sleep which means 2 things.  1) he always comes uncovered and 2) he gets tangled up in his sheets, therefore I don't put sheets on his bed.  Here is my FABULOUS solution:

I cut his sheet in half and sewed it onto the edges of the comforter

Here's what it looks like from underneath.

All tucked in...the verdict...AMAZING!!  Just last night I went to cover Jerimiah up when I went to bed and his foot was sticking WAY OUT but was completely covered from the sheet!  It gives lots of stability for tucking and I think this is probably the best idea I've ever had...only sad I haven't thought of it sooner!

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