Saturday, May 22, 2010


Since it's now summer and ice filled cups seem to sweat more in the summer I made myself a coaster for my desk at work (no picture).  Nothing fancy but it works.  So I decided to make some for my coworkers too:

(Please ignore the uneven sewing lines you see on the red one)

Cow Print is for Lisa: She has 2 gateway "stress" cows on her desk and a clip paper holder cow on her desk, therefore, I deemed this pattern appropriate for her.
Doggie Print is for Bonnie:  I don't have a big variety of patterns of fabric laying around right now and I thought since Bonnie does like dogs (although it's not her Maggie) she would like this.

Cost $4 (for a set of 5)
(All prices are subject to change and are negotiable)
PLEASE NOTE: Themes are based on availability of fabric and buttons/small objects.

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