Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lunch Tote

Jerimiah's been taking his unfinished breakfast with him to daycare in the morning.  Yesterday we loaded it up in a gift bag I had around the house.  That evening I decided to make him one.  I let him pick out the fabric (he chose his army fabric).  After picking out the fabric he replied, "I so lucky!"

Here's the semi-final project:

I say "semi-final" project because I really wasn't prepared to make a tote last night so I had to deal with what I had.  Not wanting to do the whole turn the fabric inside out and make my own straps...I stole straps from a gift bag I had laying around...once I get to the store I will remedy that!  Jerimiah's gonna be SO excited when he wakes up and sees this this morning!

Want one?

Cost $6 (depending on straps)
(All prices are subject to change and are negotiable)
PLEASE NOTE: Themes are based on availability of fabric and buttons/small objects.

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