Friday, October 28, 2011

Adding Eggs

(June 2010)
I wanted to post a craft for you too I did while Jerimiah was gone that he absolutely LOVES!  I found it on one of my Crafty Mommy Blogs...but I can't remember which one to give credit to, SORRY!  I call them "Adding Eggs"

I used just a half egg carton and saved 6 plastic Easter eggs.
On the outside of all the eggs I wrote a simple equation.

On the inside I wrote the answer and also included decorative marbles to help Jerimiah figure out the answer.

HINDSIGHT NOTE:  I thought it might be helpful to write the answer on the inside.  If I did it again I would NOT do that.  You can see the answer through the egg on the outside...and because Jerimiah knows his numbers he doesn't have to count the marbles most of the time to come up with the answer.

He really loves those adding eggs though...great simple idea (wish I could give credit where credit was due though, sorry...can't remember where I originally found the idea).

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